Last ‘spoilt’ trip?

Its 1pm and I’m still laid in bed after a fabulous night out in London.

Jonny bought us tickets to see Dreams Girls at the Savoy Theatre for Christmas. So we booked a London apartment at Tower Bridge and decided to make a weekend of it.
Last night we went to Berners Tavern to try a michelin star restraunt. Food, service, drink and atmosphere were all amazing. This was followed by drinks in Soho and an Uber back to our apartment. Fabulous evening….thank you Jonny.

As I lay here (Jonny still sleeping) I wander how long it will be until we get the longed-for news that we have been matched and lives are turned upside down. Soon I hope!
I love these trips were we ‘spoil’ ourselves, but am sure we over compensate on them to fill the void in our lives, the missing sound of our little family.
Our journey has been over 3 years  today. Initially Jonny & I were on save, save, save mode. We paid off debts. Got married. Saved for a deposit to buy our first home. We continue to save but took the decision last year that we needed to continue our lives and enjoy what we earn. It could be another couple of years before we get matched (GULP!)

So we’ll enjoy the Dream Girls show tonight and stay hopefull for good news on Monday afternoon from Rachel.

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