Our ‘catch up’ meeting.

Our meeting on Monday 13th February with Rachel was a ‘catch up’ meeting after all.
Me and Jonny put on afternoon tea. Anything to try and help us stand out from the other approved adopters in Kirklees. Rachel did mention how lovely it was and that we didn’t need to go through all the effort and as she would be constantly looking for appropriate matches anyway. That’s fine but we will continue all the same. Even if its just for our own piece of mind that me and Jonny are doing as much as we possibly can to get that little bit closer to our dream.

We discussed the possibility of attending some communications and nurturing training that is coming up. The more training the better.
I had previously thought that if the meeting was just a ‘catch up’ meeting then I would feel slightly deflated. On the contrary I felt elated.
Rachel informed me & Jonny that she had requested a link for an EPP unborn child a couple of months ago, however there was too many of members of the birth family in our local area.
It felt great to hear that a link request had already been put in.
Rachel then went onto inform us of two further link requests that she has made for us. One link request is for an EPP (Early Perinance Placement) baby and the other is for a 2 year old boy with an EPP baby that would follow shortly from the same birth mother. Both links are out of Kirklees so this should reduce the chance of birth family members living close-by. My eyes welled up as Rachel gave us the little information she could about each link. Its starting to feel so close now.
Rachel explained that there might be lots of link request with different children’s social workers before we get a match so we shouldn’t get over excited. I get that but my heart takes over…..how could I not be excited!

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