Could we have found our child?

On Monday evening Jonny & I were looking through more profiles of children on Link Maker. On a couple of the profiles we read we clicked the ‘showed interest’ button.


Yesterday Jonny & I had our first positive response. One of the children’s social worker (Mike) responded, informing us that he felt we would be a strong adoptive family  for the child. Mike also wanted Rachel’s (our current social worker) contact details so he could contact her before requesting our PAR (Prospective Adopters Report). I immediately sent over Rachel’s contact details.


I sent an email to Rachel informing her of the situation, along with Mike’s contact details. Unfortunately I received and ‘out of office’ response from Rachel’s email informing me that she would be out of office until Monday.


Once Mike had emailed Rachel, he emailed Jonny & I to inform us.


I spent most of the day yesterday feeling excited. Could this be it? We will have to wait until Monday at the earliest before we have any more news. I think I might burst with excitement!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Gillian Barrett says:

    Gran and grandad are also excited for you. Hoping we have another great grandchild soon. Keeping fingers crossed my darlings xx💙💙


  2. Tracey says:

    Waiting is the worst bit ! Good luck x


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