Could we have found our child?

On Monday evening Jonny & I were looking through more profiles of children on Link Maker. On a couple of the profiles we read we clicked the ‘showed interest’ button.   Yesterday Jonny & I had our first positive response. One of the children’s social worker (Mike) responded, informing us that he felt we would be a strong…

Child Matching Criteria

The first time Jonny & I were asked “what type of child we were hoping to be matched with” was from a social worker at an adoption evening event. Our answer was simple (and without much thought) we just wanted a child, any child.

Link Maker – Our Search For A Child

The website is a place were approved adopters can view profiles of children that are in need of been adopted. Rachel informed us that children placed on this website often had more complex needs which is why they are on there. However, we shouldn’t let that stop us registering and having a look ourselves. It didn’t!

The Break

During our adoption journey, our first social worker (Helen) recommended we take a break. Helen felt that there were area’s that needed to be improved on before moving onto the stage two. The recommendations Helen put forward were as follows: I needed to gain more child care experience. A year of saving would put us…

Second guessing.

A few days have now passed since the ‘catch-up’ meeting with our social worker Rachel. All-sorts run through my mind. Did we show enough excitement when we were told about the links? Surely Rachel saw the excitement on our faces. Me and Jonny looked at each other with a huge smile when we were told…

Our ‘catch up’ meeting.

I had previously thought that if the meeting was just a ‘catch up’ meeting then I would feel slightly deflated. On the contrary I felt elated.

Last ‘spoilt’ trip?

Its 1pm and I’m still laid in bed after a fabulous night out in London. Jonny bought us tickets to see Dreams Girls at the Savoy Theatre for Christmas. So we booked a London apartment at Tower Bridge and decided to make a weekend of it. Last night we went to Berners Tavern to try…

Dare we get excited?

On Monday we will get a visit from our social worker Rachel. This will be the first visit we’ve had since we were approved over two months ago. It’s probably just a visit for a catch up but we’re both hoping its to discuss a possible match or an EPP child that they are expecting….